May 28, 2012

Croak by Gina Damico

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by Gina Damico

Lex isn’t sure why she’s so angry all the time — sure, its easy to believe the stupidity of those around her but even she has to question the rage that leaves the entire hockey team quivering in fear.  The only person who sticks up for her anymore is her twin sister, Cordy, and even Cordy doesn’t understand.

So its no great surprise when Lex’s parents have had enough but no one sees their solution coming.  They are shipping her off for the summer to live her Uncle Mort.  Lex vaguely remembers meeting her uncle — about 10 years ago — and he regularly sends her gifts.

When she gets off the bus in upstate New York, she’s greeted by a crazed looking man on a motorcycle.  Granted, he looks kind of cool, but seriously, whose dumb enough to get on a motorcycle with a crazy guy out in the middle of no where?

As you no doubt expect, this is Uncle Mort who is far from the ho hum farmer Lex has been expecting.  Nope.  Mort is actually a grim reaper and he’s ready to train Lex in all of the tricks of the trade.

I can’t say a whole lot more about the book without giving away far too much.  Lex has an amazing sassy voice but she’s met her match for both audacity and quirkiness in her genius scientist biker grim reaper uncle.

Damico has created a fun cast of characters, trouble makers all.   In fact, every one is so off beat that its the “normal and responsible” people who cause most of the trouble.

This would make a great summer read for both tween and teens.  Yes, there is death (they’re reapers, people!) and some serious snogging but the details are vague enough not to be offensive or suggestive.

Pick this up and be ready for some deadly fun.


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