October 22, 2012

Pig Has a Plan by Ethan Long

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Pig Has a Plan
by Ethan Long
Holiday House
An “I Like to Read” title

Poor Pig!  There’s nothing Pig wants more than to take a nap, unless its the peace and quiet he needs to actually accomplish this feat.

But things are hopping in the barn yard with sawing and hammering and phone calls and food on the grill.  Finally, Pig spies Fly sipping from a glass on a tray.  Seeing the straws in the drinks, Pig hatches a plan and finally gets his nap.

If you have a young reader who is still in the earliest stages of independent reading, finding books can be tough.  Most books with interesting characters and fun stories are simply too hard for your reader to tackle on his own.  Find a simple enough text for him to conquer and you risk loosing his interest completely because the text and the story behind it are just so basic and blah.

Take a look at Holiday House’s “I Like to Read” books.  The text may not be complicated but the illustrations add to it to create a story that is much more than that told through the words alone.  Long’s Pig Has a Plan compliments all of this with a humorous twist at the end — just what were all of the animal’s in the barnyard up to and what is pig going to miss if he doesn’t wake up?

Check out Pig Has a Plan.  It is simple enough to let your beginning reader succeed.  But it also has a twist ending and humor that will make your reader happy that he actually managed to reach the end and that he did it himself.




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