November 6, 2012

Mimi’s Village by Katie Smith Milway and Eugenie Fernandes

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Mimi’s Village
written by Katie Smith Milway and
illustrated by Eugenie Fernandes
Kids Can Press

Mimi’s village is like many places throughout the world.  There is sadness in this corner of Kenya because one of the babies has died.

Mimi worries about her own mother and the baby she carries.  Will this little one grow big and strong or will he too be carried away by disease?  Long before the new baby can come, Mimi’s little sister start to throw up.  Her stomach hurts and she can’t keep anything down.  The little girl had been hot and thirsty earlier and Mimi had given her water to drink from the lake.  Yes, it may be where they get their drinking water but unless the water is boiled, it can kill.

The next village has a health clinic and Mimi’s family makes their way there in the dark.  In the morning, the nurse is able to help Mimi’s sister.  Later, during another night, Mimi dreams of a nurse who chases away the mosquitoes who give the children malaria.  What if their village had a clinic?

You may recognize the author’s name from her book the Good Garden.  In Mimi’s Village, Milway has created another title that brings the realities of much of the world to life for children in privileged countries.  Fortunately, she does so in a non-preachy way that pulls young readers in and has them rooting for a youngster who wants to make life better for her people.

An excellent book on many levels, this will spur discussions on justice, poverty and basic human rights as well as what a group of determined people can accomplish.




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