November 26, 2012

Boy + Bot written by Ame Dyckman, illustrated by Dan Yaccarino

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Boy + Bot
written by Ame Dyckman,
illustrated by Dan Yaccarino
Alfred A Knopf
AR 1.2

A boy is gathering pine cones in the forest when he runs into a robot.  The two have a marvelous afternoon exploring and playing games until they bump Bot’s power switch.  Boy doesn’t understand what is wrong with Bot but he knows he needs to help.  He takes Bot home, feeds him applesauce, reads him a story and puts him to bed.

Fortunately, the boy’s parents check on their son and bump the robot’s power switch.

Bot wakes up and finds boy out like a light.  He doesn’t get what’s wrong but he knows he needs to help.  He takes Boy home with him, oils him, reads him an instruction manual and then looks for a spare battery.

The inventor explains to Bot that his new friends isn’t a robot but a boy.  Boy wakes up with a start, thrilled to see that everything is well with his new friend.  Bot is equally happy to see that somehow Boy too has been all fixed up.

At only 240 words, this tale is both short and simple while simultaneously being wonderfully complex.  Not only is this the story of Boy and Bot, it is also the story of anyone who has ever had a friend they didn’t completely understand but loved unconditionally.

Dan Yaccarino’s gauche and watercolor illustrations beautifully expand upon the story as we see Boy and Bot’s friendship continue to grow beyond the book’s final line of text.

In addition to a good  bed time read, Boy + Bot would also be an excellent book for launching discussions on blending families, the customs of other people, diversity and acceptance.



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