November 30, 2012

I’m Not by Pam Smallcomb and illustrated by Robert Weinstock

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I’m Not
by Pam Smallcomb
illustrated by Robert Weinstock
Schartz & Wade Books
AR 1.4

A young girl wonders how she and her best friend can be so very different.

Evelyn is fast moving, loud and outgoing.  If there’s adventure to be had, Evelyn is right in the middle of it.  “My mom says Evelyn is a jumping bean.”

Our narrator, on the other hand, sometimes tries to be like Evelyn and simply cannot pull it off.  No matter how hard she tries, a rubber glove, a plunger and a blanket fail to become a crown, scepter and royal robe.

Fortunately, she’s good at spelling, karate and baking cookies and, most of all, being a fantastic friend to a girl who is fast moving, loud and outgoing.

Every now and again, the young reader in your life will feel eclipsed by a friend who is simply more of just about everything they want to be.  Or at least that is how it will seem.  This is a perfect book for times like that, times that call for quiet sharing and straightforward caring.

Young readers may be reluctant to discuss feeling inadequate but with Weinstock’s silly alligator girls “peopling” this story, it will give your reader just a little more distance and the little bit of safety needed to approach this topic.

At 305 words, this is a quick read with more than a little humor and although the alligators are girls there is plenty in this book to appeal to boys who also climb trees, have fertile imaginations and jump on the bed.



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