December 3, 2012

Mary’s Holiday Story by Tiffany Jarmen Jansen

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MaryMary’s Holiday Story
by Tiffany Jarmen Jansen

Mary Rose Tudor may be a princess but she still does many of the things that other girls do — including hide and seek.  When we meet Mary, she is hiding from her brothers.  Unlike the girls who will be reading her story, Mary is hiding behind a tapestry up against a stone wall.

From hide and seek to a snowball fight, Mary and her brothers are biding time until the night’s big feast.  But it isn’t a feast for a visiting dignitary.  It is a Christmas celebration called Twelfth Night.  This is the first year Mary is old enough to stay up and celebrate Twelfth Night and she can hardly wait to see the festivities because this is more than your ordinary feast.  Mary and her family, even her father the King, will be seated at a lowly table while a group of servants will be at their table, eating with their utensils and giving the orders.

But then it looks like Twelfth Night may not happen.  No one can find the Lord of Misrule, normally known as Thomas, the stable boy.  Can Mary lead her brothers to follow a trail of clues and find out what has happened to the stable boy in time to save the holiday?

I loved the attractive cover.   The roses scattered throughout the text and the illuminated script styled letters that head each chapter reflected the medieval story and echoed the professional quality of the cover illustration.  Unfortunately, the interior line drawings did not reflect the quality of the rest of the book.

Mary’s Holiday Story offers an age-appropriate story for young grade-schoolers who will enjoy the many points of comparison, both similarities and differences, in how Christmas is celebrated then and now.  The History Notes at the end of the book help anchor Mary, and thus the reader, in history.



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