May 27, 2013

Ghandi, A March to the Sea by Alice B. McGinty, illustrated by Thomas Gonzalez

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A March to the Sea
by Alice B. McGinty
illustrated by Thomas Gonzalez
Amazon Children’s Publishing
AR 4.8

One more step toward freedom.  

That is the refrain that echos throughout this amazing book about Gandhi.

Most of us know of Gandhi as a man of peace.  We know that he worked to bring about justice in his homeland of India and to end British rule.  He also spoke about how his people treated each other, looking down on people they declared untouchable and the prejudice between Muslim and Hindu.

The march itself was long and difficult.  Early on, crowds greeted the marchers, singing songs.  But crowds never cheer for long and people began to worry.  They knew the British were watching.  What if they opened fire on the crowds?

When the marchers reached the sea side village of Dandi, Gandhi reached down and scooped up a handful of damp, muddy salt.  With this simple act, he broke a law.  

Around India, other people gathered salt.  They boiled it and cleaned it.  The British arrested them and then they arrested more and more.  But so many people broke the law that the British couldn’t arrest them all and the Indian’s had their salt.  They had taken one more step toward freedom.

I was captivated start to finish by this simple, straight forward tale.  Gandhi led his people into uncertainty and possible violence with a humble, quiet confidence seldom seen today.

Gonzalez’s paintings are powerful, focusing on marching feet, Gandhi’s isolation from this fellow marchers, and his ability to stand up and stand out.

This book would make an excellent talking point for discussions on diversity, justice and how to bring about social and political change.   Share it with the young reader in your life.







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