May 30, 2013

When We Go Walking by Cari Best, illustrated by Kyrsten Brooker

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When We Go Walking
by Cari Best,
illustrated by Kyrsten Brooker
Amazon Children’s Publishing

When the young narrator and her family go walking on Rambling Road, everyone in the family goes along even Abby, the cat, and baby Abe.  Everyone in the group looks for something different.

Mama has the binoculars that she needs to spot the birds.  Papa spies trains and airplanes.  Abe points out colors and other things he knows.  Our narrator?  She carries a treasure sack for a reason.  Maybe she’ll find an old bicycle bell or a see-through butterfly that is almost as good as new or a shovel or a beach ball.

Every now and again someone will ask her if she is absolutely certain that she needs all of these amazing things.  Like any good treasure hunter, she knows what she knows.  These things are great!

One day, their walk is much chillier and everyone has to wear a hat as the snow falls around them.  Once they get home, it snows and it snows and no one can go walking on Rambling Road unless someone comes up with a brilliant solution involving a host of found treasures.

Cari Best has created a simply lyrical text that will go straight to the heart of every scavenger.  Let’s just say that my husband frequently has to wait while my son and I salvage a crystal or collect the pieces of some wondrous find that now decorates the brick ledge on our front porch.

Kyrsten Booker’s oil paint and collage illustrations are an amazing homage to found art.

Share this one with the imaginative young reader in your life.  When you do, don’t be surprised if you have to carry a bag or pull a wagon along on your next outing.



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