July 25, 2013

Librarian on the Roof! by M.G. King, illustrated by Stephen Gilpin

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Librarian on the Roof! A True Story
by M.G. King,
illustrated by Stephen Gilpin
Albert Whitman and Company

Lockhart, Texas may have the oldest library in all of the great state of Texas, but what it doesn’t have is many patrons.  It is dim and quiet and a little ho hum at least until RoseAleta Laurrell comes through the doors.  It isn’t long at all before the new librarian is shaking things up.  New books and new magazines drew the people back but none of these people were children and RoseAleta wanted the children to visit most of all.

Her solution?  The planned an area with computers and kid-friendly furniture.  There would be colorful artwork and all kinds of fun.

People wanted to help.  They offered to hold bake sales but RoseAleta knew that it would take more than a few cup cakes to raise $20,000 so she took to the roof.

Fifty feet up, she used a sling shot to fling water balloons at the laughing children.  She called down to the grown ups that she wouldn’t come down until all of the money had been raised.  News spread and people came to see.  They brought her breakfast and left behind donations.  They took her picture and dropped off coins.  In just a few days she had over $10,000 but RoseAleta knew that wasn’t enough.  Each night she crawled back into her tiny tent, not even coming down when it stormed.

In 7 days, they had raised over $39,000 dollars, enough for the new children’s section RoseAleta had planned and even more.  But RoseAleta didn’t take credit for the success.  She knew it had taken the whole town with just a little nudge from one very determined librarian.

What an inspirational book!  And the most amazing thing is that it is based on a true story.

Share this book with the young reader in your life who is facing a big task or who needs to see what amazing things kids can help do.   But also share it with the adults in your life who need to see what you can do when you try the unexpected.



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