September 5, 2013

Warning: Do Not Open this Book! by Adam Lehrhaupt, illustrated by Matthew Forsythe

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Warning: Do Not Open this Book!
by Adam Lehrhaupt,
illustrated by Matthew Forsythe
Paula Wiseman/Simon and Schuster Books for Young Readers

Don’t open the book!  Don’t do it.  If you do, the monkeys are sure to get out.

Warning:  This is not a quiet book.  This is not a bed time book.  This is a do you dare . . . are you silly or brave enough to turn the page kind of book.  Caution tape and warning signs abound.  Readers who look closely will even spot filthy foot prints and bites taken out of the warning signs.

Of course they’re going to open the book.  Who could possibly resist?

Young readers will love the pure silliness of this book that actually speaks directly to them.  “Oh, no.  Now you’ve done it.”  They will also love the fact that the monkeys are so ridiculously messy — more messy than any adult would allow.  Things go from messy to super messy as additional animals show up.  That’s right.  As if monkeys weren’t bad enough, other creatures fly and lumber across the page.

I’m not going to spoil the ending but this one is going to yield some lively discussions as young readers toss out their ideas for corralling  various creatures.  Get some paper and crayons and invite them to get involved.

Lehrhaupt’s text is direct with just a bit of tease.  Forsythe’s illustrations are digital but they have a playful “drawn by the reader” feel that compliments the story in every way.

Invite the little ones in your life to let the monkeys loose and then devise a plan to put them back again.



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