October 17, 2013

Journey by Aaron Becker

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by Aaron Becker
Candlewick Press

In this wordless picture book, illustrator Aaron Becker introduces us to a young girl.  Father has his computer.  Mother has her phone.  Big sister has a handheld game.  No one has time for this girl who just wants someone to join her in flying a kite, riding her scooter or playing ball.

Finally, she wonders off to her room where she finds a bright red crayon.  First, she draws a magical door on her bedroom wall.  When she passes through it, she finds herself in a wooded land where the trees are hung with lanterns.

At a dock, she draws a boat and makes her way downstream.

Becker’s illustration are pen and ink enhanced with watercolor and are certainly not subdued.  Still the red things created by our young traveler stand out, vibrant and alive.

I don’t want to tell the entire story which would be easy to do — it is such an amazing and fun tale.  To keep it brief, in an act of bravery and generosity, she finds another young adventurer and together they create a bicycle that will allow them to explore the world together.

Wordless books can be tough to pull off but Becker’s images are rich without being overdone, giving the eye plenty to see while telling a very clear story.  With illustrations as rich as these, the book would definitely stand up to repeat “readings.”

This would be an excellent choice for the prereader or the reluctant reader in your life.  Either would benefit from enjoying a story that pulls them in and allows them to create the story for themselves.





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  1. […] Journey written and illustrated by Aaron Becker.  Loved this book but, since I’m an author and not an author/illustrator, I have no hope of duplicating it. […]

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