November 4, 2013

Hush, Little Horsie by Jane Yolen, illustrated by Ruth Sanderson

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Hush, Little Horsie
by Jane Yolen,
illustrated by Ruth Sanderson

“Hush, little horsie,
Asleep on the farm.
Your mama is near
And will keep you from harm.”

Thus opens Yolen’s poetic horse book for toddlers and preschoolers.  Read it and you will quickly notice that the verse is closely patterned after “Hush, Little Baby.” Not surprisingly, the book has the same lullaby-like feel.

Readers move from one mama-horse and baby-horse pairing to another, each showing different types of horses in a different environments.  Their homes range from the barnyard to the plain and even the seaside.

Whether the foal is galloping, frolicking, or catching a quick nap, the message is clear — whoever you are and wherever you live, Mom loves you and watches over you.

Sanderson’s paintings are beautifully detailed and realistic, composed of warm glowing colors that extend the feeling of being comfortable and safe.

Given the quiet warmth of this book, it is a perfect choice for bed time or nap time reading.  It would also make an excellent choice for a baby shower gift for any horse lover.

I’m not sure how I initially missed this one, originally published in 2010 but this is a lovely, gentle books that, in gentle, dreamy tone, reminded me of Owl Moon.


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