December 18, 2013

A Big Guy Took My Ball! by Mo Willems

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A Big Guy Took My Ball! (An Elephant and Piggie Book)
by Mo Willems

Piggie runs to Gerald (Elephant) in hysterics.  She found a ball, a wonderful big ball, and was having so much fun with it.  Then along came a big guy and . . . took her ball.  As always, Elephant is the problem solver of the pair.  “Why do big guys get to have all the fun?” he asks.  Because he is a big guy, he won’t have to be afraid of another big guy and he sets off to get Piggies ball back.

The problem is that Elephant is no longer the biggest guy around because the other big guy is a whale.

Piggie is a little annoyed and Elephant is a lot embarrassed when he returns without the ball, but then the two get a surprise.

It was the whale’s ball all along.  But it isn’t much fun because no one will play with him.  He is too big and everyone is afraid.  “Little guys get to have all the fun,” says the whale.

Elephant and Piggie prove that everyone can have fun when they invent a new game — Whale Ball.

As always, I love Elephant and Piggie.  They may be a talking Elephant and a talking Pig but they are so real.  There is never a doubt in my mind that Mo Willems pays attention to children, their problems and their takes on life.  Moms read this and are nodding their heads because we’ve all been through “I found it and now it’s mine” as well as “A big guy took it away.”

The other thing to love is Willems’ illustrations.  They are so simple with heavy black lines and just enough color to bring it all to life but his characters are so expressive.  Take a look at the pair and you know beyond a doubt when Piggie is worried and Elephant is ashamed.  Or Piggie is happy and Elephant is mad.

If you aren’t familiar with Elephant and Piggie, pick up a few of these early readers.  Your young reader will enjoy a book he can puzzle through himself even as he enjoys fun characters who solve their own problems and are fun and funny at the same time.



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