February 13, 2014

Three Times Lucky by Sheila Turnage

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Three Times Lucky
by Sheila Turnage

Mo Lobeau may be only 11-years-old but there’s a ton of personality packed into this particular package.  Mo lives in Tupelo Landing, North Carolina, a town so small that everyone knows your business.  Mo’s business is finding her “upstream mother,” the woman who must have lost her when a hurricane flooded the countryside.  That’s why Mo was found adrift on a piece of a bill board — thus her name, Moses.  Everyone in town is in on the search for her mother and whenever they head out of town they take one of the bottles that she launches into the river, hoping that someone who knows something will find it.

Mo’s search is interupted when a lawman comes to town to solve a murder.  The murder didn’t happen in Tupelo Landing but the clues have led him here, and one of those clues points to the Colonel, Mo’s adopted daddy.  Soon, the lawman has more than a handful of clues and an actual murder right in town.  Then Mo’s own adoptive parents go missing.  Clearly this lawman can’t find a thing on his own and Mo drafts both friend and foe to solve things before she looses another set of parents.

This book is 1/4 mystery and 3/4 character cast and I don’t really want to take the time or space to introduce you to them all because you need to meet them for yourself.  There’s Mo’s best friend, Dale, who may not do a lot of good in school but has more than enough sense to sort the good guys from the bad.  There are both the Colonel, who may or may not be an Army man.  It’s hard to tell since he washed into town the same time she did but without a memory to his name.  There’s Miss Lana with her cast of wigs and themed days for the diner; Lavender, Dale’s older brother and a race car driver; Grandma Miss Lacy who shows up when help, and a big heart, are needed with a basket full of fried chicken and a secret stash of her special coconut cake.  The list goes on and on.

Share Mo Lobeau with the young reader in your life and don’t be surprised when you hear her laughing out loud, when she isn’t mad enough (at the bad guys) to spit.



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