May 8, 2014

The Sandwich Swap by Queen Rania al Abdullah with Kelly DiPucchio, illustrated by Tricia Tusa

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The Sandwich Swap
by Queen Rania al Abdullah with Kelly DiPucchio
illustrated by Tricia Tusa

Lily and Salma are the very best of school friends.  They do everything together from jumping rope and swinging on the wings outside and drawing pictures inside.  They even eat lunch together.  Lily has a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  Salma eats a humus and pita sandwich.

Yet, in her heart of hearts, each of them thinks that the other girl’s lunch is a tiny bit disgusting.

Finally, Lily just can’t stand it and she says something to Salma about her lunch.  Salma thinks about the love that her mother put into making the lunch and says something about Lily’s lunch.  Lily is just as offended.  Pretty soon, hurt, angry words are coming from both of the girls and the other kids are taking sides.  With so many other kids involved, the taunts get worse and turn into name calling until some strikes the first blow — food fight!

Embarrased to be at the center of so much controversy, both girls get called to the principal’s office.  Together, they come up with a way to make things right.

This is an excellent book about prejudice without ever using the word.  Each girl is sure that her sandwich is the best, and even when she doesn’t say anything, assumes that the other girl’s sandwich is just wrong.  Neither girl has tried her friend’s favorite.  They just KNOW.

While dealing with prejudice, it also touches on what makes us US, on how we see ourselves and all of the emotions tied up in self identity.

Use this book in the classroom to spark discussions on both of these topics, but don’t be surprised if it is difficult to get these points across to young readers.  Adults have trouble grasping them too.

This one definitely deserves a place in every classroom and the office of every school counselor.



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