May 19, 2014

Say Hello Like This by Mary Murphy

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Say Hello Like This
by Mary Murphy
Candlewick Press

Looking for a fun read aloud for a young crowd?  Pick up Mary Murphy’s Say Hello Like This.  

“A dog hello is licky and loud . . .” Murphy begins.  Truly, you know what’s coming.  You turn the half page for a chorus of happy barks, licking tongues and wagging tales.

Murphy introduces young readers to a host of animals from dogs and cats to birds and beetles.  The first spread featuring each beastie gives some hint what this hello will look, sound or feel like.  The reader then turns a half page for a full-view of this animal’s version of hello.

It is a short, simple book with much of the suspense and the drama coming through the book design and these half pages that are both unusual and fun.  Murphy’s ink and watercolor illustrations add to the light-hearted cartoony feel of the book.

Warning:  This is not a quiet bed time book.  This isn’t even going to be one of your more sedate read-alouds because, I predict, that you will soon have a chorus of ribbits, clucks and hee-haws and your young listeners jump in and participate.

This book’s construction is sturdier than your typical picture book so it will stand up to eager young hands who want to join in with this silly, boisterious concept book.



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