June 9, 2014

Why Feet Smell and Other Gross Facts about Your Body by Jody Sullivan Rake

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Why Feet Smell and Other Gross Facts about Your BodyWhy Feet Smell
and Other Gross Facts about Your Body
by Jody Sullivan Rake
Capstone Press

From slimy snot and yellow pee to smelly feet and bad breath, this is a fast paced, somewhat icky book about the human body.

None of it is in-depth but there is a surprising amount of information packed into only 583 words.  That’s right.  583 words.  It is only slightly longer than your average picture book and that’s going to make it a huge hit with kids who are reluctant to read anything dense or long.  The reading level is listed as first to second grade.  It is also a good choice for the cautious reader because it is divided into chapters of only two pages each — one of text and one photo.

The illustrations are a combination or photographs and cartoony drawings.  They are much more humorous than they are disgusting.

The temptation is to say that this is an excellent boy book, and it is.  But don’t right it off for the girl in your life who likes science and things that are a little . . . icky, but only a little.  There is nothing in here that isn’t age appropriate although after your child reads it you may have to endure a dinner time discussion about farts or urine.

I have to admit that the only reason that I picked this one up is because of an upcoming project.  I wanted to check out potential competition.  I have to say that one thing that I loved about this book was that it was exactly what it said it was.  A book about gross body facts.  Period.  It didn’t pretent to be a book about gross body facts only to get you to pick up a preachy book about nutrition or health.

So if you’ve tried to find a gross book for your child, only to be disappointed, don’t be afraid to pick this one up.  It is what it claims to be while also educating and entertaining.  An excellent summer time read.




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