July 17, 2014

Animal Grossapedia by Melissa Stewart

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Animal Grossapedia
by Melissa Stewart

Need an enticing summer read for a reluctant reader?  Or a young reader who is simply too busy to read more than a page or two at a time?  Then pick up Grossapedia.  

From animals who roll poop (dung beetles) to animals that eat poop (baby elephants) this book is a store house of animal things icky.  Poop, pee, saliva, vomit and blood — they’re all covered within this 110 page book.

Animal nut that I am, I still learned a lot including the fact that a desert tortoise pees on anything that picks it up as a defense mechanism and that the saliva of the short-tailed shrew is toxic and paralyzes potential meals with one bite.  Chomp!

The animals in the book range from been there (dogs) to little known (giant petrels) and everything in between.

Some animals get a full two pages while others get only a page.  This means that there isn’t any in-depth coverage but it does make fora  book that is easy to pick up and put down — great for reluctant readers.

Is this book too gross?  Not by a long shot — it is a strictly factual look at the biology of a wide variety of animals.  I didn’t think that some of it was gross at all (limpid mucus) but would also get a little gaggy if I spend too much time thinking about baby animals eating poop.

Whether your young reader loves to learn odd ball facts about animals or just likes reading about things that are a big icky, pick this one up.  It really is a quick read and would be great for a few moments here and there throughout the summer.  That said, you will probably have to listen as he reads about jackals or pigs or parrot fish.



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