March 12, 2015

How Martha Saved Her Parents from Green Beans by David LaRochelle, illustrated by Mark Fearing

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How Martha Saved Her Parents from Green Beans
by David LaRochelle
illustrated by Mark Fearing
Dial Books for Young Readers

With a title like this, I really wasn’t sure what to expect from this book but the cover told me that it was going to be a bit wacky.

Like many of us, Martha’s parents plan dinner on something of a schedule.  Every single Tuesday, Martha’s family had green beans.  For my son, this would have been a good thing but not for Martha.  Martha’s parents assured her that green beans are good for her.  They explained that they would make her strong.

Martha wasn’t buying it.  Martha knew deep down that green beans were bad.

And then the mean green beans swaggered into town.  Muscled, whiskered and more than a little scary they are soon menacing old ladies and taking revenge on each and every person who condoned eating green beans.

They kidnap Martha’s parents and leave a note.  At first Martha only sees the positives — she can eat what she wants, she can watch what she wants and bed time?  Pfft.

By morning Martha wants her parents back.  She tracks them down but how to conquer hundreds of mean beans?  There’s only one possible solution and it isn’t going to be pretty.

Ha!  You didn’t really think that I reveal the ending, did you?  No, you have to read the book.

This one will be a fun read aloud because of the humor and there are a lot of quirky details in the illustrations.  Expect to spend some time on the mean bean pages because the beans are the best!

Whether your young reader is squeamish around squash or loathes limas, this book is a lot of fun.  Maybe just maybe in the end your child will be willing to take revenge on rogue vegies.



  1. This looks like a really fun read.

    • SueBE said,

      It reminded me a lot of No David but more fanciful.

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