April 9, 2015

I See Kitty by Yasmine Surovec

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I See Kitty
by Yasmine Surovec
Roaring Brook Press

Chloe loves kitties.  She loves their purrs, their fur, their bellies and their paws.  In fact she loves them so much that she sees them everywhere she goes.  She sees them in the clouds and the stars, the water from a sprinkler and even in the shrubs growing up over a fence.  When she goes to bed at night, Chloe dreams about kitties — I especially loved the cat fish swimming in the milk stream.  They are just too cute.

As is so often the case, I’m not going to give away the ending of this sweet simple story.

The illustrations, also by Yasmine Surovec, make this story.  black lines drawings are filled with bold colors and prints and the images are cartoony and simple, but expressive.  In short, they are just as sweet as the story.

Preschool aged readers, for whom this book is intended, will love finding the kitties in each and every spread.  Be prepared for discussions about favorite kitties, which kitty looks just like which other kitty and more.

I probably wouldn’t choose this for story time or group reading but it would be the perfect book to snuggle together and read.  The text is short so it won’t tax brief attention spans.  The book would be an excellent choice to share with a young cat lover who likes to draw, creating pictures of her favorite kitties in a wealth of imaginative places.




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