April 13, 2015

On the Move: Mass Migrations by Scotti Cohn

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On the Move: Mass Migrations
by Scotti Cohn
Sylvan Dell Publishing

Do you have a young animal nut in your life?  Than pick up a copy of On the Move.  

Animals migrate — even young readers often know this fact.  What they may not know is the wide variety of animals that move from place to place but they’ll have a clue after they read this book.  Each two-page spread covers a particular animals, ranging from the small (chimney swifts) to the slithery (cottonmouth snakes) and everything in between.

I knew about salmon and monarchs but not about the snakes or the bats.  Young readers, who have read fewer picture books about animals than I have, will be surprised by even more.

Each spread covers the where and when and why for each animal.  Each is expanded on by Susan Detwiler’s illustrations that bring a sense of texture and depth to the discussion as well as the importance and weight of each mass migration.

In addition to the text on each spread, there is a lengthy section in the back that gives additional information on each type of animal and also includes a set of discussion questions and a quiz.  These books are meant to teach and the publisher takes that task seriously.  They even have animals experts review the text for accuracy, going to as many experts as needed to cover the variety of animals found in a particular book.

I wouldn’t choose this one for bedtime reading but it is an excellent introduction to migration and a wide variety of animals and ecosystems.  I would also consider it as encouragement for a child who is getting ready to move.  With each spread covering a different animals, restless readers could easily take a break every few spreads while those who so desire could read the book cover to cover.

Pick it up and share it with the young animal lover in your life today.




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