May 26, 2015

Ally-saurus and the First Day of School by Richard Torrey

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Ally-saurus and the First Day of School
by Richard Torrey

Ally is a girl who knows what she likes — dinosaurs!   Her pajamas have dinosaurs.  Her first day of school outfit has a dinosaur.  She even insists that her new teacher and her classmates call her Ally-saurus.

Her one worry is that she won’t find another dino-crazy kid to be her kindergarten friend.  There are princesses, pirates, a lion and even a boy who loves his new lunch box but no one who loves dinosaurs as much as she does.

But as she sits down to a solitary lunch, she is surprised to be joined by a dinosaur, a lion, and Walter, the boy who loves his lunch box.  For the rest of the day, she plays games with astronauts, cats and more as she gets to know her new friends.  It isn’t long before she realizes that she may be Ally-saurus but there are other things she likes as well.

As a parent, I loved this book.  It reminded me of when my now 16-year-old would only answer to Bob.  You didn’t have to use his full name – Bob the Builder – that would be too formal but he did insist on Bob.

This book explores first day jitters, new friendships, and fascinations all without calling them by name.  Richard Torrey just introduces us to Ally and lets us follow along on her first day.

For his illustrations, Torrey combines oil base pencil and watercolor with digital media for a style that is reminiscent of his work as an editorial cartoonish.  I especially love the bright crayon-like sketches around each black and white figure that hint at his or her passion.

This would be a great book for story time — be prepared for some serious roaring — but it isn’t so rowdy that it wouldn’t make a good one-on-one book as well.



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