June 8, 2015

Serenity: Those Left Behind by Joss Whedon

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Serenity: Those Left Behind
by Joss Whedon

“Those Left Behind” is a graphic novel based on the TV show Firefly. The show was cancelled after its first season leaving its director, Joss Whedon, in a difficult place. The decision was to continue the storyline with graphic novels and a movie.

This book takes place directly after the movie.  It takes place in the 2500s in a star system far from earth. Earth has been long abandoned by humans since the human race depleted all of Earth’s natural resources and destroyed the eco-system. The two remaining superpowers, the USA and China, collaborated to rebuild human civilization in the galaxy surrounding a nearby star.

In the years that followed the terraforming and troubles came a great war. The Independents fought against the Alliance forces. The Main character fought in the rebellion until its defeat by the alliance in 2511.

This book is an excellent continuance of the Firefly storyline. The main characters find themselves trying to evade a bounty hunter bent on revenge, find a treasure, and evade Alliance law enforcement that is trying to stop them. The main characters are amusing, relatable, and likeable. The crew is an interesting mix of people with different goals, some of which seem contradictory. However, all of them seem to reach their goals one way or another and keep their ship in the air.

Why so sketchy about the story line? It isn’t one story line but three.  Giving too much detail will quickly spoil the fun.

I would recommend this book to fans of the series but it might be better to read it after you watch the tv show.  You can find the show at your local library or online.

Reviewed by Jared (son of SueBE)


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