June 25, 2015

The Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks

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The Zombie Survival Guide
by Max Brooks
Broadway Books

So your neighbors have been acting weird, smelling bad, growling, and trying to eat you.

Then you may be tangling with a zombie outbreak. How big is it? Is it just your neighbor? Is it the whole block, the state, or country? Are you one of the last humans on earth facing an undead army numbering in the billions? Don’t sweat it.

The Zombie Survival Guide has you covered. From how to assemble your group of survivors to the best places to defend this book will get you through the challenges ahead.  The book starts by giving you a time-table of the zombie virus. After being bit, the infection will cause normal people to become flesh-eating maniacs with very poor motor function and no memory of their past lives. This book will also instruct you on what equipment you need to gather. What weapon do you need, do you have a way of gathering clean water, what if you or an ally gets hurt. Everything you need is on the list. This book also has a list for groups as opposed to the list for a single survivor.

This book is a very fun read. It is great for gamers, whether you are just looking for a good book or you need tips for your survival games, this book is an excellent choice. If you are a fan of zombie media, e.g. The Walking Dead, zombie games (too many to name), or Zombieland, this is an excellent choice that will leave you yelling at your favorite characters every time they mess up.

This book does cover slightly more mature subjects so I would recommend this for 5th grade on up. There are no graphic descriptions however the idea as a whole could be considered violent.  Be sure to pick this book up from your local library or order it online.

Reviewed by Jared (16 year-old son of SueBE)


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