July 2, 2015

The Arctic Code (The Dark Gravity Sequence) by Matthew J. Kirby

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The Arctic Code (The Dark Gravity Sequence)
by Matthew J. Kirby
Balzer and Bray

Eleanor Perry lives in Phoenix but it isn’t Phoenix like we know it today.  An Ice Age has frozen much of the planet leaving many cities and countries uninhabitable.  Refugees pour into Phoenix, crowding into apartments that sometimes have no heat and where people often go hungry.

Eleanor knows she should feel lucky.  She and her mother live with her uncle.  At least they did until her mother had to go to the Arctic.  Now it is just Uncle Jack and Eleanor but at least Eleanor has a Sync, a device that let’s Eleanor communicate via text messages with her mother so far away.

One night, Eleanor receives a batch of mysterious files.  She doesn’t know what they are, some of them look like maps, but the message from her mother tells her not to share them with anyone.  Her mother is on a job out on the Arctic glacier so Eleanor knows communication will be limited until her mother gets back.

Then she and her Uncle get a message.  Her mother is missing.  The only way to find her is to hand over the Sync.  At first Eleanor hesitates; the Sync is her link to her mother.  Without it she may never hear from her again.  Besides, it also contains the mysterious files.  She isn’t sure why but she knows that her mother’s company is lying.  The only solution is to head up to the Arctic and find her mother herself.

I’m not going to give many more specifics because this is a story you want to explore yourself.  Suffice it to say that Eleanor reaches the Arctic and finds two boys whose father disappeared with her mom.  Together they have to uncover the lies and find their parents.  Along the way they discover the source of the mysterious pulses of energy as well as the ghostly wolf-like forms that several scientists have spotted.

This is a postapocalyptic story in that there is a freeze and an energy collapse.  I love that the most adventuresome and reckless person in the story is a girl.  So often the female characters hang back while the boys take the risks.

This is a fast-paced middle grade story that will satisfy both girls and boys.  The explanation behind all that happens seems to be scientific even if all is not revealed in the first book but the story has a mystic feel much like Anne McCaffrey’s Dragonrider books.

Definitely an icy fun read for the hot summer months.



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