July 28, 2015

The Stand: Soul Survivors by Stephen King

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The Stand: Soul Survivors
by Stephen King
Marvel Comics

This book tells of the journey of several groups of survivors in a post-apocalypse America. A deadly plague has wiped out most of the known World and most of the survivors are plagued by terrible nightmares instructing them to go to Mother Abagail in Nebraska. Other survivors are corrupted by the dark man and go to the West.

Nick Andros is a deaf, mute man with an eye patch over one eye. However this does not keep him from surviving. He seems to be an unlikely match for Tom Cullen, a mentally challenged boy who cannot read the notes that Nick normally communicates with. After meeting him while searching for a drugstore, Tom struck Nick as an irritant. After seeing how helpless Tom would be without him Nick convinced him to join him on his trek to Mother Abagail’s farm in Nebraska. Nick and Tom continue together until they meet another group of survivors. They then continue by truck to Nebraska.

The Stand: Soul Survivors mixes the post-apocalyptic journey featured in the Walking Dead with Stephen King’s storytelling ability. The story is definitely more of an adventure than an action book. It is a little slower paced but it’s slow pace gives it a more story vibe than a action packed comic book vibe. You won’t find the gore splattering firefights and running from hordes of undead that the Walking Dead comics feature but you will still find yourself loving the characters and turning the page.

I would recommend this book for readers ages 14 on up. If you liked the Walking Dead or any more of Stephen King’s novels this is a good read. This has several graphic scenes so be wary. That said, the novel is not too scary so don’t be afraid to read it before bed but does have a creepy feel to it.

Reviewed by Jared (16 year-old son of SueBE)

Note from SueBE:  Yes, those of you who are familiar with King’s work will recognize the title.  This is a graphic novel retelling of The Stand, my all time favorite King novel.

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