July 30, 2015

Go: A Kidd’s Guide to Graphic Design by Chip Kidd

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jacket image for GoGo:
A Kidd’s Guide to Graphic Design
by Chip Kidd
Workman Publishing

Do you have a teen who likes to write and create his own books, comics or memse?  Then Kidd’s book is a must.

Kidd takes readers from the basics (what you do through design) to how to do it.  And it does it with the quirky style that anyone will recognize who has seen his TED talks.  Not familiar with his videos?  Think two parts unique perspective and an equal part of sass.  That’s why his work will speak to teen readers.  He tells it like it is, knows his stuff and never takes himself too seriously.

What are the basics?  They can best be described if you think of an EXIT sign.  The function is to tell people how to get out of a given area. The form is the sign itself.  Font?  Clean, simple, and easy to read. Color choices?  White font on red or red font on white.  Either choice is high contrast and easy to read.

Kidd doesn’t stop here.  He shows how the pairing of BIG and small elements can draw viewers in as can a large scale, horizonal and vertical line, symmetry, assymetry and more.  He gets into font choice, color, graphics and illusion.

It all sounds a bit dull and dry but it is anything but when combined with Kidd’s irreverent take on the world.  Face it, this is the man who did an impromptu slithery dance just because the TED people gave him a “skanky head mic” instead of a “stand mic, the sensible shoe of public address.”

Kidd ties the book up with ten projects that he invites readers to not only comoplete but to share.  This is where I got my big surprise.  One project involves taking some that you always see in one specific color, like an orange, and painting it.  Kidd painted it blue.  The surprise came when he told readers to get an adult’s permission to spray paint.  What?  Why do I need to talk to an adult?  I am an adult!   Then I flipped the book over and discovered it is part of the libraries teen collection.  Yeah, I’m quick like that every day.

The information is thorough enough for an adult learner but presented in a way that is suitable for tweens and teens who will live the fact that they are dealing with an adult, or so the rumor’s go, who is probably twice as sassy as they are.

Read and laugh and learn.




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  1. […] Go: A Kidd’s Guide to Graphic Design by Chip Kidd.  This is nonfiction as it’s finest.  Even if I wasn’t interested in graphic design, I’d love this for Kidd’s cheeky delivery.  He informs without talking down to the reader.  Instead he treats them as irreverant equals. […]

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