August 20, 2015

Untold by Sarah Rees Brennan

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untoldUntold/The Lynburn Legacy
by Sarah Rees Brennan
Random House

For the first time in Kami Glass’s life, she is well and truly alone.  Even as a child, she always had someone to comfort her when she was scared or sad.  But since she broke the magical connection that connected her and Jared mind to mind and also allowed him to pull magic through her, she knows what loneliness is.

The irony of this is that she is almost never actually alone.  She wants to connect again with Jared even if it can never again be magical.  She’ll settle for romance.  But Jared wants nothing to do with her since she broke their connection. That doesn’t stop his cousin, Ash, from trying to forge the same cousin.  Always the good boy that others could rely on, he’s sick of always being second to his rebellious cousin.  He wants this fun girl for his own.  He also believes that this will give him the magic he believe will help him in the coming battle.

Their town knows that a battle is coming.  The family of Lynburn wizards has always ruled their town, demanding payment in blood and goods to make sure the town prospers and that the Lynburn magic continues to flow.  But now one Lynburn wants to take the right to rule from another and doesn’t care who gets killed in the process, even if these people happen to be other Lynburns.

As is always the case with one of Brennan’s novels, I’m not 100% certain I’m doing the story justice.  Her work is always deliciously complicated and rich.  Her characters are deeply drawn and compelling and her setting is so well-imagined that you would recognize it if, heaven forbid, you should ever find yourself there.

As always, Brennan’s insane sense of humor keeps these books from being to dark to tolerate.  It’s hard not to love these characters, no matter how imperfect, who sass a wizard just because she ticks them off, and are willing to stand beside their friends in the face of certain disaster.

The beauty of coming to a series late in the game is that I don’t have to wait a year for the next book to come out.  Yeah, I get it.  That can be an amazing thrill but I have to admit that I’m enjoying the fact that I just finished book #2 and can move immediately to book #3. Book #1 was Unspoken.

As with Brennan’s books in general, the plot and characters of Untold are complex enough to hold the attention of adult readers as well as teens. Pick this one up for the reader on your list who loves contemporary fantasy, gothic horror and romance.



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