October 1, 2015

Convergence (Book 1 of The Zodiac Legacy) by Stan Lee, Stuart Moore and Andie Tong

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(Book 1 of The Zodiac Legacy)
written by Stan Lee and Stuart Moore
illustrated by Andie Tong
Disney Press

Steven Lee is on a field trip with his class when he realizes that something just isn’t right.  They are touring a Hong Kong history museum but the guide seems clueless.  No matter what she says, Steven is certain the ancient Chinese never wrote on plastic.

He keeps an eye on her and follows her through a basement entrance into what looks like a high tech cavern. They are definitely underground but the covern is strung with cables and wires and odd green lights periodically shine down onto liquid pools in the floor.

When one of these lights draws near, Steven sees a long line of Chinese people — peasants, farmers and royalty.  Just as the light strikes him, he spots his grandfather smiling at him.  Stephen has been struck by the power of the Tiger, his life changed forever as he now has the strength, the stealth and the bravery of this great cat.

Two people have captured the power of the Dragon, one working for Good, the other Evil.  Each of them hurries to find the newest Zodiac recruits and recruit them to their way of thinking.

Steven joins Jasmine and works to recruit the Rabbit, The Ram and the Pig to work for good.  Maxwell, the evil dragon is a former mercenary with very deep pockets and firm belief that whatever he wants is right. And he wants all 12 Zodiac powers for himself.  He has already recruited the Horse, the Rat, the Monkey, the Dog and the Snake.  A few more recruits and no one will be able to stand in his way.

Lee and Moore bring readers a true comic book style story in this struggle between good and evil.  Young people find themselves in posession of super powers that the struggle to understand even as they try to learn to work together.  Tong’s art work pulls the story together, giving it energy and power.

In truth, it is an over-simplification to say that Maxwell and his side represent evil.  As always Stan Lee’s baddies work believing that their cause is rightous and the end for which they work both desirable and just.  Share this with the young comic book fan in your life today.  Book 2 is due out in January.


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