October 22, 2015

Shark Detective by Jessica Olien

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Shark Detective
by Jessica Olien

Shark lived in a hotel room in the city.  He loved to watch old detective movies.  He was sure that he too could be a detective but it is really hard to find a case when you’re a shark.  Finally, he sees a poster about a missing cat and he has his case.

Ridiculous?  You bet.  But that’s part of what makes this book so fun.

Shark lives in a residential hotel and wants to be a detective.  The only way the book could get more film noir would be if Olien had illustrated it in black and white.  Although there is plenty of black, she also uses a lot of intense colors and silly cartoony characters.  Why does she need silly cartoony characters?

She has a shark roaming the streets, silly reader.  And half of the fun of the book is watching people react to being approached by a shark in the street.  The illustrations are so fun!  But half the fun is the fact that Shark is absolutely clueless about the effect he has on people.  Clueless.  Which is hilarious since he’s a detective.

Although he solves the case, it turns out to be more than a case of a missing cat.  Cat, apparently is missing his favorite toy, and needs help finding it.  If that doesn’t sound like a cat, I don’t know what does!  Realistic believable bits like this combine with the absurd to create a fun book that is sure to be a hit at story time as young readers share in the fun, picking out fun details in the story, reacting to seeing a shark in the streets, and coming up with new cases for Shark and his new buddy, Cat.

This is definitely a younger picture book and short enough to make a good story time read.


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