November 12, 2015

Boats Float! by George Ella Lyon and Benn Lyon, illustrated by Mick Wiggins

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Boats Float!
by George Ella Lyon and Benn Lyon
illustrated by Mick Wiggins
Atheneum/A Richard Jackson Book

“Boats have keels.
Boats have hulls
lifted by waves,
followed by gulls.”

“Boats float!”

So begins this super simple text about . . . you guessed it . . . boats.  The authors discuss everything from super small boats and rafts to ocean liners, river boats to deep-sea boats and even submarines and seaplanes.

Mick Wiggins illustrations are digital but they don’t have the dull, lifeless feel of many pieces of digital art.  Instead, the compliment this story by bringing to life the bright colors of a sunny, windswept day on the water.  I really liked the fact that he goes beyond the text, portraying some of the boats as toy boats on a lake.  This will help make the text more accessible to young readers who have played in water but have never sailed on a large boat.

This is the perfect book for any young reader who loves boats, but it isn’t so advanced that it would scare off a child who hasn’t read about boats before.  The brief rhyming text would be an excellent choice for simple reading aloud or story time.  Beginning a unit on different modes of transportation?  This book is the perfect introduction to different types of boats.

Personally, I had forgotten the joy of these simple books since my “young reader” is now 16.  That said, when he was small, we had a whole host of lyrical, nonfiction picture books that were fun to read again and again.  As a reading adult, you probably know what that is like.  Fortunately, this text will hold together through repeated readings whether you are reading it to three different story time sessions or your own child repeatedly in one day.

Pick this book up and share it before a ride on a ferry or just a drive past someplace with numerous boats.



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