November 27, 2015

Rebel Fire by Andrew Lane

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Rebel Fire
by Andrew Lane
Farrar Straus and Giroux

When young Sherlock Holmes hears that John Wilkes Booth, the assasin of America’s President Lincoln, is not only alive but possible in Britain, he decides to investigate for himself.  If he doesn’t his tutor Amyus Crow may have to leave Britain because it is his first job to track down Booth and other Southern sympathizers.  Sherlock doesn’t want Aymus or, more importantly, his daughter Virginia out of his life so he sets to work.

Unfortunately, young Holmes isn’t nearly as slick as he thinks he is and he is spotted and grabbed. He manages to escape but leads the men back to the Crow’s and his best friend, Matty.  When they grab Matty in his place, Sherlock refuses to give up.

Soon he and the Crows are on their way over sea to America.

There’s a lot of love in this series, the Legend Begins.  We get to see Sherlock developing his ability to reason through clues. In this particular book we witness his introduction to the violin.

Lane has created a youthful character who is every bit as arrogant, but lovably so, as the later Holmes.  These books would be an excellent introduction to this classic character for readers who are not yet ready to appreciate the original novels.

Where the original novels focus on mystery, these books are more adventure oriented as Sherlock boxes and battles his way clear of kidnappers and villains of various kinds.  Yes, there is a subtle mystery — who is using Booth and why — but this is much more of an adventure novel than the traditional mystery.  Just keep that in mind when deciding which young reader on your list to share it with!


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