November 30, 2015

On Noah’s Ark by Jan Brett

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On Noah’s Ark
by Jan Brett
G.P. Putnam’s Sons

Rains are coming and soon the world will be flooded with water.  That’s what Grandpa Noah says.

As the adults build the ark and the animals come forth, Noah’s granddaughter is busy loading provisions.  Accompanied by her doves, she watches the big animals thump and bump into the ark and the mid-sized animals clip-clop by.  As it rains, she moves among the animals and watches out the windows.

But the longer they are all cooped up, the more restive the animals become.  Before long there are pulled feathers, jabbed hides and even a stinky spray or two.

At last, the rocking of the ark lulls the animals, people included, into a deep sleep.  All but Noah’s granddaughter.  As everyone else falls asleep, she moves among the animals and sorts things out, untangling them and setting things right.  Only when she has finished this task does she cuddle up against a lion for her nap.

Given all the darkness that is at work in the world right now, I needed  a story of hope and imagine that many of you do as well.  This one definitely ends with hope as everyone settles into a world washed clean.

Although Brett doesn’t mention the vast majority of the animals by name, the variety that can be found in the illustrations is hard to imagine.  New World, Old World and even some that are now extinct, a wide range of animals swim, fly, scuttle and stride through the pages of this book.  That alone would be a big draw for a young animal lover, challenged to page through the book and name as many animals as possible.

While Brett’s retelling doesn’t repeat the Bible story word for word, it captures the feeling of hope that many of us have whenever we see a rainbow arching across the sky.  Share this hope and this book with the young reader in your life today.



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