December 10, 2015

Happy Birthday, Cupcake! by Terry Border

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Happy Birthday, Cupcake!
by Terry Border
Philomel Books

Cupcake’s birthday is just around the corner and you know what that means.  It is time for a party!

Cupcake and her friend Muffin go through the options ranging from a beach party to make overs.  Muffin points out that the beach is hot and some of them (pictured are an ice cream cone and a chocolate bar) might get drippy. The make would be fun for cupcake but Hamburger can barely stand to wear ketchup.

I have to admit that absolute favorite was why they can’t have the party on a boat — because Soup might “lose his lunch.”  Sick but oh so funny when you see the photo.

And that’s by far the most enchanting quality of this book.  The photos.

Instead of being illustrated by paintings or drawings, the illustrations are Border’s wacky photos.  Wire arms and feet and a varitety of props personify everything from Cupcake and Muffin to a pear and a waffle.

The story resolves as Muffin invites Cupcake to take a break in her garden where they can relax and continue their discussion.  Surely a birthday party solution must be in sight.

The ending and story are oh so sweet but for me it is the photos that are most appealing and that keep my coming back to this book.  Every time I page through it, I find something new going on in the background of one photo or another.

This book would make would be good for quiet together reading but might not be the best choice for a large story time simply because it would be difficult for everyone to be cloes enough to truly take in the details in the photos.

As sweet as the story is – it is also a little bit warped but that will also serve to broaden the audience to include young readers who may not be into sweetness and cupcakes and sprinkles.  Musical fruit? Tossing cookies?  There will be laughter.



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