December 31, 2015

Pie for Chuck by Pat Schories

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Pie for Chuck
by Pat Schories
Holiday House

Big Chuck loves pies.  The problem is that he can see the pie cooling in the window but he can’t reach it.  Neither can Raccoon or Rabbit or Chip.

One by one, except for the mice who work in a group, the animals try to reach the pie cooling on the window sill. Unfortunately, it is high over head and even three mice standing on top of each other can’t reach it.  Three mice standing on a woodchuck’s head is another story. Soon the animal friends are enjoying a blue berry treat.

This is an early reader meaning that although it looks like a picture book it is meant for young readers to puzzle through on their own.  The great part?  It is all of 70 words long.  Yes, I counted them.  The reason this is so great is that 70 words don’t take long to puzzle out or to count.  Even a really new reader will be able to work through this with the contextual clues provided in the illustrations.

And as simple as it looks, the author doesn’t talk down to the reader.  No one says that Big Chuck is a woodchuck.  The reader either figures that one our or not.  The same with Chip who happens to be . . . can you guess? . . . a chipmunk.

The books in this series are written at the kindergarten/early first grade level.  There are also classroom discussion questions available on the web site.  You can find the questions/activities for Pie for Chuck here.  Also available for young readers who may be having problems acquiring new sight words are flash cards.  You can find the cards for Pie for Chuck here.

Check this out at your local library and share it with your young reader or add it to your classroom library today.  If your young readers enjoy reading about Big Chuck, you can also check out Pants for Chuck.




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