February 11, 2016

The Thing about Yetis by Vin Vogel

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The Thing about Yetis
by Vin Vogel
Dial Books for Young Readers

“The thing about yetis is that yetis love winter.”

As should be clear from the cover, this isn’t a wild, blood-chilling abominable snowman story.  This is a cute, cuddly yeti yarn.

It turns out that yetis are a lot like us.  They love winter and hot cocoa. They love building with snow, wrecking what they’ve built, and playing around on the ice.  But no matter how much they like winter, sometimes the cold and snow and ice just get to be too much.

Because, just like us, yetis like summer too.  They like water games, the beach and building with sand. And, just like creative kids, creative yetis can enjoy summer fun even on a cold winter day.

This is one of those stories where the monster/animal is a stand-in for Joe Kid.  Why say “yeti” instead of “Joe Kid”?  Yetis make the book that much more fun.  But young readers are still going to identify with our young yeti. They’ll get the thrill of waking up to snow, of slipping and sledding and building.  They’ll also understand that feeling that too much of a good thing is just  . . . too . . . much.

The cartoony art work for this book was created digitally.  Young readers will love that it is fun and silly.  The adult reading to the child will love jokes hidden in the art work — be sure to look for the marshmallow bag.

I can see using this book for story time and the craft options are endless with cotton ball yetis, pom pom yetis and even pop corn ball yetis.  This book would also work well to introduce discussions on seasons and seasonal activities as well as helping kids who must deal with event let-down.  If you don’t understand “event let-down,” just smile.  You probably haven’t had to deal with it.

A fast moving, fun read for sun lovers, snow lovers and everyone in between.



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