March 17, 2016

Pink Is for Blobfish by Jess Keating

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Pink Is for Blobfish
by Jess Keating
Alfred A. Knopf

Do you have an animal crazy young reader in your life? Than pick up Pink is for Blobfish.

Pink is more than a color for girls in this book that explores all kinds of animals that are pink.  The list ranges from blobfish and hairy squat lobsters in the water to red uakaris and pink land iguanas on land.  Not sure what one of these animals is? Pick up this book.

Each spread includes a large photo of the animal in question (see blobfish on cover), general information and a sidebar full of details including the Latin species name, size, diet, habitat, and predators and threats.

The animals covered in this text range from sea to land and even include the birds of the air. Be on the lookout for gross dining habits of pink sea stars and how the pink land iguana was saved from extinction.

At the end of the book is a world map with a color-coded key that shows the range of each animal.  It was interesting to see how well represented South America was but that the only animals in Asia are all in Southeast Asia.

A quick glance at the book may be a bit intimidating since it is fairly wordy but you can read about one or two animals and then set the book aside for later.  It is perfect for curious young readers who may not have the attention span for a full-length study on each animal.

An excellent book for the classroom library and to launch discussions on ecology, climate change, or ecosystems.


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