April 18, 2016

Stars Above by Marissa Meyer

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Stars Above (A Lunar Chronicles Collection)
by Marissa Meyer

If you are anything like me, you hate to finish the latest book that features your favorite characters.  The good news is that author’s frequently have ideas for additional stories and Meyer has created a group of short stories that tell us more about our favorite characters in the Lunar Chronicles. The stories are in more or less chronological order and I have to admit that I had my favorites.

“The Keeper” tells how Michelle (Scarlet’s grandmother) came to shelter young Cinder.

“Glitches” reveals the life that waited Cinder when she went to live with her foster family.

“The Queen’s Army” tells about how Ze’ev became Z (Zed), a genetically altered soldier in the Queen’s Army.  This was one of my favorites but also one of the hardest because, although Z is one of my favorite characters, you know his young life was tough. Loved this story.

“Carswell’s Guide to Being Luck” is the story of young Carswell.  I’d love to say that I truly appreciated the glimpse into Carswell’s life but as child that it as smarmy as the early version of Adult Carswell (before hardship removes some of the smarm) was just a bit much.  But that could just be me.  I do have firm opinions on smarm. I really do come to appreciate him once his story crosses with that of Cress.

“After Sunshine Passes By” tells how Cress ended up in the satellite.  This was another tough one because, seriously, some of the villains are just so . . . ugh!

“The Princess and the Guard” tells about Winter, the Lunar Princess, and Jacin, her guard and friend.  Another toughy, again because of the bad guys.

“The Mechanic” describes the first meeting between Cinder and Prince Kai.

“The Little Android” is a sad story about an android who loves a human.

“Something Old, Something New” tells about what happens after the end of the series when the friend reunite at Scarlet’s farm.  I really appreciated this one because of the comic, light-hearted look at this group of characters who has suffered through so much together.

I know that I’ve said some of the stories are tough but really, the tough ones are great.  They’re just tough because I like these characters too much.

Would I start with this?  No.  I would definitely begin my exploration of the Lunar Chronicles with the novels.  There are just too many plot twists that are given away in this collection if you haven’t already read the novels.  That’s said, I seem to have missed Fairest which is Queen Levana’s story.  In all truth, I’m not a real fan of the anti-hero so I may simply have ignored this one.  I am a bit of a fickle pickle that way.  But I would definitely recommend this book to fans of the series.




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