May 17, 2016

Slickety Quick: Poems about Sharks by Skila Brown, illustrated by Bob Kolar

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Slickety Quick:
Poems about Sharks
by Skila Brown
illustrated by Bob Kolar

Mention sharks and it is usually the Great White shark that comes to mind.  That’s no wonder since it is big and dramatic and oh so very deadly to the seals that it hunts.  But there are 400 different types of sharks on the planet and this book contains a series of poems about fourteen of them.

I was happy to see that some of my favorites were there including the hammerhead and the whale shark.  But there were also sharks that I had never heard of including the wobbegong and the blue shark.

Each shark gets a spread (two facing pages) and a poem.  The poems include a poem for two voices (hammerhead and angelfish), a concrete poem (great white shark and again for the cookie cookie-cutter shark) and more.  I do wish that there had been an author’s note about the types of poems but maybe that’s something that Brown will add to her author’s site.

Her site does include a teaching guide.  It coaches young readers to think about the poems and how word play gives information that isn’t explicitly stated in the poem.  There is also some discussion about the types of poems.  There are also activities for young readers to do including writing poems of their own.

The artwork for this book was created digitally.  I’m seldom a fan of digital art work because it so often look flat but that is far from the case with Kolar’s work.  Here the crisp lines work to add to the sharpness and danger of the topic. There is also a richness of color that I very much appreciated.

This book would be great on the classroom bookshelf whether you are discussing poetry, sharks or the ocean.  Although it wouldn’t make a great bed time book, it would be an excellent choice for one-on-one reading with the shark-nut in your life.



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