May 25, 2016

Fairest (The Lunar Chronicles) by Marissa Meyer

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Fairest (The Lunar Chronicles)
by Marissa Meyer

“Come here, baby sister…”

The haunting refrain comes again and again.  Is it a nightmare?  A memory?  Or the voices in Levana’s head?

I have to admit that I’m not an enormous fan of books in which the villain is the main character.  I want to like a character that I’m going to spend a great deal of time with and that just isn’t possible with a true villain.

Marissa Meyer almost pulled it off.  Fairest gives readers a clear view of the Lunar Court and all of the intrigue and back stabbing that take place there.  Behind it all is something very sinister . . . Where did the scars come from that Levana is so desperate to hide.  Was she born imperfect or did something happen to her?  “Come here, baby sister…”

Many tween girls develop crushes so it isn’t surprising when Levana becomes fixated on Sir Evret Hayle, one of the palace guards.  He’s tall and handsome and ever-present.  But then she discovers something awful.  The object of her affections is . . . married.

So begins a dance that is every bit as complicated as any other piece of court intrigue.  Lavana has always used her glamour to hide her appearance.  It is something most capable Lunars do even if they are perfectly attractive, but Luna is a young woman with a mission — to win the heart and hand of Evret Hayle.  Soon she is using her glamour to entice Evret and she’s also using her gift to create thoughts and feelings he wouldn’t otherwise have and even to force his behavior.

Throughout this story threads the other great story of Levana’s life — her path to the throne.  When her older sister is crowned, Levana is added to the Council and soon realizes what an inept ruler her sister truly is.  Even as it becomes clear that Levana is mad, it is also made clear that she is brilliant and wants what is best for her people.  Like any great ruler, she is willing to do whatever it takes to reach these goals.

Levana will never be a character that I enjoy spending time with but I definitely appreciate her now that I’ve gotten to know her story.  This is an excellent fantasy and also a good choice for readers who like anti-heroes.  A quick read for the coming summer months.



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