October 25, 2016

Vamperina Ballerina Hosts a Sleepover by Anne Marie Pace, illustrated by LeUyen Pham

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vamperina-hosts-a-sleepoverVamperina Ballerina Hosts a Sleepover
by Anne Marie Pace
illustrated by LeUyen Pham

We have time for another book that is Halloween-y without being strictly limited to that holiday.

Through her ballet class Vamperina Ballerina has an amazing group of friends.  Naturally, she wants to do things with them and invites them all over for a sleepover.   Just as she is a top notch dancer, she is a top-notch hostess.  She makes her invitations (with help from Dad), delivers them and even takes her parents to meet the parents of one of the girls.

At this girl’s house, Vamperina sees how other people live and she starts to worry.  Does home look “right”?  And what about her family?  She gets her mother to take her shopping and picks out all new outfits for the whole family.  Grandpa Frankenstein in beach attire is a scream!   Big sis, goth-girl vampire refuses to wear a cheer leaders uniform but she does save the say later in the book.

As always with the Vamperina books, half the story is in the illustrations.  Vamperina knows that she needs a variety of foods because no one will eat absolutely everything but she has monster foods.  That said, one guest is eager to try stew full of tentacles!  But Sis comes to the rescue of the other girls with a stack of steaming pizzas.

I love that each of the girls has a distinct personality.  One will try anything in the way of food.  Another falls for the family’s dragon.  One girl does get home sick and Vamperina and the others make it their mission to cheer her up.

This story sounds amazingly complex and it is but so much of it is in the illustrations.  Expect to spend some time rereading the book, pouring over the pictures, and reading-by-reading eventually taking it all in.



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