November 14, 2016

A Child of Books by Oliver Jeffers and Sam Winston

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a-child-of-booksA Child of Books
by Oliver Jeffers and Sam Winston
Candlewick Press

In this innovative story, a child of books sails her raft across a story sea.  In a distant land she finds a young boy who has forgotten just how much fun story and imagination can be.  She invites him to come on a journey with her and the two make their way up mountains, through forests and more. In the end, the authors invite readers to make their homes a place of story because “imagination is free.”

The world needs a book like this right now.  It is a book about the power of story and the strength of imagination.  It is a reminder that although the adults around you may be child-of-story-part-2mired in fact and clinging to their news outlet of choice, the child reader can make a welcoming home, a place of imagination that draws everyone in.

The book design is imaginative with the text for the story itself hand-lettered while the “typographical landscapes” are typeset.  The image at right is an example of a typographical landscape.  They remind me of the book t-shirts in which a chapter of the entire text of a book is printed on a t-shirt in such a way that it creates an illustration reminiscent of the story itself. Illustrations for this story are watercolor and pencil which is then scanned and combined into digital collage.

Share this book with your class or your story time.  Follow up the time spent reading the book with a time for them to create their own story-laden art work — drawing, painting, cutting or sculpting.  Be sure to give them time to share their stories and perhaps even to form a class story, utilizing their various pieces of artwork.



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