December 22, 2016

Ada Twist, Scientist by Andrea Beaty, illustrated by David Roberts

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ada-twistAda Twist, Scientist
by Andrea Beaty
illustrated by David Roberts

Ada Twist is a girl who asks questions.  “Why not climb on top of the grandfather clock?” “Why do roses have thorns?” “Why does a clock tick and tock?”

Not that she only asked why? She also wanted to know what, how and when.

The older she got, the more questions she asked and working to discover the answers could get messy.  She was especially curious about what made things stink and smell.  She tested the cabbage stew Dad was making for dinner. She checked out the cat.  Dinner was ruined and now the cat stunk so Ada Marie is sent . . .

To the thinking chair. But that might have been their biggest mistake or is it a blessing?  Because as she sits, Ada doodles and calculates and draws.  By the time they come back, the whole wall is covered in Ada’s calculations.

Fortunately Ada’s parents give up trying to change their budding scientist.  Now the whole family is in on trying to find the answers to Ada’s many questions.

There are many things to love about this book.  I love that Beaty has created a young scientist who asks questions and keeps trying when she doesn’t immediately find the answers.  I love that the whole family gets involved.  And David Roberts watercolor, pen and ink illustrations really pull the reader in.  I got to see just how will this worked as I was writing this review.  I’ve got a house full of teens and one of them walked by, stopped, and started asking me about the book.  “Those pictures are great!”

Share it with your young scientist or the young reader in your life who loves to ask questions. This is definitely a book you want to share.




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