January 9, 2017

The Last Kids on Earth by Max Brallier, illustrated by Douglas Holgate

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the-last-kids-on-earthThe Last Kids on Earth
by Max Brallier
illustrated by Douglas Holgate

It is 42 days into monster madness and Jack Sullivan is ready for some changes.  Sure, he’s a monster fighting maniac with a tricked out tree house but he’s also alone.  All around the thirteen year-old are zombies, dozers and Blarg, a strangely intelligent monster that seems determined to track Jack down.

It isn’t that Jack misses his family. How do you miss what you’ve never had?  Jack is an orphan and a foster kid and when the zombies showed up his “family” took off without him.  But Jack does miss his genius best friend.  And he’s ready to check some more feats off his list.

Yes, Jack gets that this is serious stuff.  Zombies do eat people after all.  But Jack doesn’t get why he can’t have fun.  So he’s made up a series of feats such as outrunning zombies, stealing their hats and rescuing damsel in distress, June del Torro. June just happens to be Jack’s crush and he watched from the school bus as she locked herself in the middle school.  If he can team up with his best friend, he knows that they can save her.

Jack’s in luck.  Not only does he find Quint but he survives an encounter with a bully, and even recruits the big guy for their team.  Monster dog, every boy needs a dog, in tow, they set off to rescue the damsel and discover a capable girl whose hanging at school waiting for her parents, but might be willing to come to the tree house.

Yep.  They’re letting a girl into the tree house.

In some ways this reminded me of the Wimpy Kid books but with teeth.  The voice is just as funny but the adventures are less innocent.  No, that doesn’t mean the kids are dabbling in substances or anything else too teen-after-school-special.  But they are battling zombies.  Silly zombies, goof ball zombies but deadly zombies nonetheless.

These are the perfect books for kids who want to read the zombie books written for the older kids but who just aren’t ready for the blood, gore and grief.  Part of the levity comes through Brallier’s voice which sounds like a young teen trying to talk tough but still has a great sense of humor.  Holgate’s illustrations, which look cartoony, add to the fun feel.  A good choice for the older grade school reader who isn’t ready for serious teen books.



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