March 10, 2017

Panda Pants by Jacqueline Davies, illustrated by Sydney Hanson

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Panda Pants
by Jacqueline Davies
illustrated by Sydney Hanson
Alfred A. Knopf

Panda isn’t going to let it rest.  He wants a pair of pants to wear and nothing Papa Panda says is going to dissuade him.  It doesn’t matter that panda don’t need pants because they have fur.  Pants might be itchy?  Who cares!  Panda is going to be the first.

So when they come upon a garden complete with a pants wearing scarecrow, Panda puts the pants on and sets off once again after his father.

Spoiler Alert!!  The next line is going to give away the climax!

Throughout their conversation, Panda and papa have been trailed by a leopard, its tail visible as it stalks them through the bamboo and tall grasses.  When it pounces, Panda uses the pants to save the day.  That done, the pants are no longer interesting.  Why can’t he have shoes?

This is one of those books where the animals are stand-ins for people.  Every parent has had this conversation as their child begs and begs for something that is of no use to them whatsoever.  So what!   They want it more than anything else in the world.  And once they get it?  Pfft.  Who cares?  Their mind-bending fascination has moved on to something new.

That’s the part that is going to keep a parent going reading this book.  But what about the young reader?

These pandas are too cute to bear.  Sydney Hanson’s mixed-media illustration have yielded pandas that look soft, fluffy and cuddly and also very expressive.  Young readers will also love the fact that they see the leopard’s tail when even Papa Panda is oblivious.  Another selling point for an animal loving kid are the various animals that really would live near each other.  In addition to the giant panda and leopard (clouded or snow?) are a red panda and a pangolin.

This book would be a fun choice for story time with your young reader.  Don’t be surprised when you spend as much time looking for the leopard as reading the story.  And you’re going to have some fun conversations too — why wouldn’t his father get him the pants he wanted, Mom!?



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