March 29, 2017

Billions of Bricks: A Counting Book about Building by Kurt Cyrus

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Billions of Bricks:
A Counting Book about Building
by Kurt Cyrus
Christy Ottaviano Books/Henry Holt, 2016

The cover said “counting book” so I was expecting one brick, two bricks, etc.  That’s not what I got at all.

Look at ll the bricks!
Red and rough, hard and tough.

Whether counting in twos or tens, there is always a pattern to the numbers even if it isn’t one, two, three.

But this isn’t just a numbers book. It is also all about bricks, from how they are made to the variety if building projects that take shape when bricks are stacked or laid side by side.

The rhyming text makes the book a great read aloud while the illustrations are going to appeal to Lego makers and kids who love patterns. The structures start out simple but grow increasingly complex. But there’s more to spot in the illustrations than that.  Readers are also encouraged to look closely at the people involved in the construction.  On each spread, a boy in a hard hat, a pony-tailed woman, and a man in green overalls take part in the hard work involved in constructing a city.

Just as bricks build on one another in the structures, so the illustrations and text build this carefully conceived story about bricks and building, numbers and hard work.

This book will work well at story time, followed by clay play or block building.  Discussing cities with your class?  Then share this book as part of the classroom experience.  Or share it with your own young reader who loves the play of rhythm and rhyme.  Simple enough for younger readers but with a layered experience that will hold the attention of slightly older book lovers, this is a book with kid appeal.



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