April 28, 2017

Leave Me Alone! by Vera Brosgol

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Leave Me Alone!
by Vera Brosgol
Roaring Brook Press

Once, long ago, there lived an old woman who lived in a small house in a small village.  In her small house lived her oh so large family.  With winter coming, she just couldn’t get her knitting done.  And this was important knitting!  But whenever she got out her yarn, her curious grandchildren would get involved and then she’d have to chase down all those colorful balls of wool.

So she cleaned up the house, packed up her yarn, and went into the woods.  Where she found a family of curious bears.  On the mountainside, she was discovered by curious mountain goats.  On the moon?  You guessed it!   Moon creatures! Finally she crawls into a hole and closes it after herself.  Alone in the dark, she finally manages to do her knitting.  But then she noticed that she is all alone.

So she cleans up the hole, and she goes home.

It seems like a very simple story but there is so much detail and it really is a lot of fun.

Brosgol is the author and the illustrator so she works a lot of the fun into the illustrations.  There’s the granddaughter trying to feed her brother a ball of yarn (thankfully it doesn’t fit!), the bear looking confused when the old woman shakes her finger in his face, the mountain goat trying to eat the yarn and more.

Then there are the ethnic details including the tea-filled samovar.

Then there are the unexpected contrasts.  We are used to knitting for fun.  Even if we make sweaters, they are luxuries.  But the old woman was doing IMPORTANT knitting. You don’t find out what until late in the book and I’m going to make you read it yourself.  Although we start with traditional fairy or folk tale motifs, old woman/tiny house/a lot of children, bears, and goats, we then move on to moon men with high-tech hand-held scanners!

Anyone who has ever had a moment where they were trying to get something done, if only they could get a minute to themselves, will find something to love in this book.  Share it with the knitter, the new brother, or the story lover in your own life, but be ready for some discussions about how you would have solved the old woman’s problem.


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