May 5, 2017

The Last Kids on Earth and the Zombie Parade by Max Brallier and Douglas Holgate

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The Last Kids on Earth
and the Zombie Parade
by Max Brallier
illustrated by Douglas Holgate

Jack Sullivan may be only 13 but he’s a world-class monster slayer.

Okay, it probably helps that he and his friends seem to be the only people left in the town of Wakefield but a lot of people evacuated when the zombies showed up.  Jack is the clever strategist and chief monster slayer.  Quint is his geeky-but-brilliant best friend.  Dirk may look like a brute but he’s the group gardener and still great in a fight.  June may be the only girl but she can definitely hold her own.  They’re pretty sure there are other people out there but they’ve got to hold out until they can seek out other survivors.

Human survivors.  Monsters aren’t at all hard to come by although the zombies are fewer and farther between.  And then they hear a horrible screaming and realize it is luring the zombies in.  What is it and why does it want the zombies?

When a monster quest goes wrong, Jack realizes that his friends would have died if it wasn’t for a huge guy (monster) called Thrull.  With skull jewelry and his massive size he’d be pretty scary if he didn’t also smell like a Cinnabon. Soon he leads the kids to a pizza parlor that has turned into monster home base.  Thrull is sure the kids will be welcome but they get the sense that something is wrong.  Someone is definitely lying to them, but who?

If you have a monster crazy tween he is hungry for zombies but most of the zombie books are too gruesome for your young reader, pick up The Last Kids on Earth.  Yes, it is about zombie.  Yes, monsters are attacked and things get a bit gooey but never overly gross or gory.

Max Braillier definitely knows his audience and when the crew ventures to the mall they visit Gamestop and later mourn the loss of the comic book store. The characters are snarky and smart mouthed but they genuinely care for each other and are willing to risk it all for a friend in trouble.

Douglas Holgate’s pen and ink drawings help bring the characters to life.  It isn’t as heavily illustrated as a graphic novel but there are spot illustrations and even some that take up most of the page in every chapter.

This book may be silly and funny but it is also about friendship and loyalty and knowing who you can trust.  Definitely worth a read and a good choice for your reluctant reader.



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