July 6, 2017

Henry and the Cannons: An Extraordinary Story of the American Revolution by Don Brown

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henry and the cannonsHenry and the Cannons: 
An Extraordinary Story of the American Revolution 
written and illustrated by Don Brown
Roaring Brook Press

Since I’ve been doing theme weeks, I decided to go with a second patriotic type book for the 4th of July.  You may not have heard of Henry Knox but it turns out that he was a pivotal figure in the Revolutionary War.  Who knew?  I sure didn’t.

The British Army held Boston.  They knew that Washington and his modest army had little chance of taking the city from them.

Cannons would make all of the difference.  Colonel Benedict Arnold had taken Ft. Ticonderoga in New York for the Americans.  There were plenty of cannons there but it was also 300 miles away.  Getting the cannons from there to Boston would be impossible.

Fortunately, no one was able to convince Henry Knox of this.  You’re going to have to read the book to discover how he did it but is it well worth the read.  Let’s just say that it involved ships, oxen, horses and quite a bit of sweat in spite of the freezing temperatures.

If you have a young history buff who is all about George Washington, pick this book up.  If you have a young reader who loves a tense story with a struggle to victory, this is a great book.  And the best thing is that the story is 100% true.  How cool is that?

Don Brown’s water-color paintings are soft and muted but pen and ink add the level of detail necessary to show just how great  was this struggle through snow and mud and ice.

This book is an excellent choice for together reading with an early grade school child.  It would also be a great introduction for learning about Washington and the struggles of the Revolutionary War.  This book seller turned self-taught soldier may have been an unlikely hero but he was up for the job when Washington needed him and is sure to inspire readers today.



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