December 12, 2018

Harpy Eagle by Ellen Lawrence

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Harpy Eagle
by Ellen Lawrence
BearPort Publishing

At over 3 feet tall and a wingspan of 6 feet, a harpy eagle is one of the apex predators in the Amazon rain forest. Monkey and sloth, coati and porcupine all fall prey to this winged hunter.  Yes, porcupine.  That one really surprised me.

Their nests are large enough to hold to adult people.  It can take up to 300 branches to build a nest that large.  In it, the female lays one or two eggs although only one chick will live to adulthood.  Raising a chick is a two eagle job with the mom staying with the chick and dad hunting for the family.  And chicks require a lot of food because they are growing fast.  They are the same size as their parents by 6 months old.

If you have an elementary school reader who loves books about animals, check out the books published by BearPort.  This is one of the books in the Apex Predators of the Amazon Rain Forest series which includes titles on the Arapaima, Black Caiman, Bull Shark, Electric Eel, Giant Otter, Green Anaconda, and Jaguar.

Each book discusses what the animal eats, its strengths, reproduction and family life.  Photos illustrate the book.  My favorite?  The one of the feathered out harpy chick – bright white with a fierce-looking black beak. Sidebars include questions, asking readers to observe and apply what they are learning as they read the book.  The back of the book includes activities that once again encourage thought and observation.

I read the entire series and I am one of those people who reads a lot of books about animals. Although I knew a little something about Caiman and Jaguar, I learned something in every book I read.

Share this series with your young reader to encourage reading as well as the development of STEM skills.


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